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Our mission

is to support European schools and institutions in gaining sovereignty over their digital educational services 

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Your turnkey school network : sovereign & intuitive

100% Open Source based
Local infrastructure

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Ecole En Ligne State of Geneva

Bespoke design & development of educational apps

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We know that security and confidentiality does matter

That’s why we empower you to embrace sound principles for both data protection and privacy policy

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Take advantage of
our strengths and philosophy

Over 50 years experience

Our team collectively has been innovating over 50 years, building and developing efficient digital services for education with the explicit goal to secure users’ data, facilitate daily usage, and save users’ time.

Open Source strategy

We embrace Open Source technologies to benefit from its security through transparency, to guarantee your system’s autonomy, and allow us to quickly innovate and adapt to your business needs.

For the user and the client

We use our extensive experience to secure our curstomers in their complex projects and to deliver excellence in user experience. User satisfaction is the strongest validation of our work.

They trust in us


The Docaposte subsidiary, Index Education, entrusts Weprode as product director and owner of the ENEJ project, the Digital Workspace for Education and Youth.

Ecole En Ligne State of Geneva

State of Geneva

Weprode supports Republic and Canton of Geneva in the design and deployment of an open source platform for collaborative pedagogy hosted in Geneva.

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